April 26th - 27th, 2014


January 04, 2015
JS Unconf 2015

In case you missed it: After the success of the first JS Unconf, there will be a second one this year!

So check out 2015.jsunconf.eu and update your RSS reader!

It will take place at the last weekend in April (25 & 26nd it is) in Hamburg. This time the location will be the Institut für organische Chemie at the Universität Hamburg.

Tickets are already available and you should make sure to grab yours soon! We added credit cards as accepted payment, so there are no excuses!

We hope to see you in April!

July 11, 2014
JS Unconf 2014 Transparency Report

The goal of the JS Unconf Team is to create an environment where everybody can learn about JavaScript and Software Development. We are doing this event for the community and not for any profit.

But let’s see the numbers!

Who financed the event

This is how we spent our money in 2014

JS Unconf is a non-profit conference made for the community

We have a lot of participants

This post is inspired by the LXJS 2012 Transparency Report, The JS Conf EU “This is how we are spending your money” report and the “EmpireJS by the Numbers” blog post by Charlie Robbins.

April 24, 2014
Rough Unconference Schedule

The JS Unconf will start each day at 9AM. Saturday evening will be an event in the Grüner Jäger with free drinks. All locations are described in our location section.

After the breakfast which starts at 9AM we will vote together which talks we want to see during the day. Shortly after the voting we should have http://schedule.jsunconf.eu/ updated.

We will have four parallel tracks and each slot has 45 minutes. You can organize your talk as you wish, between presentation, demo, disussion, Q&A, etc.

Speakers can add the links to their slides to our wiki: https://github.com/jsunconf/2014.jsunconf.eu/wiki

Between each slot there are breaks for drinking coffee and sharing experiences.

The Unconference ends on Sunday around 5PM.

April 23, 2014
What is an Unconference?

An Unconference is an event for and driven by the attendees. The audience actively participates in the unconference by proposing topics, holding presentations (if you like to) and by choosing which topics shall be presented. Only the most interesting ones are presented.

How does an Unconference work?

  • Each attendee can propose contributions, which can be talks, workshops, discussion ideas or happenings.
  • Everyone can claim an interest, which can be everything. Hopefully, someone will contribute something to that topic.
  • The porposed contributions are presented to the audience.
  • Everyone votes on the contributions.
  • According to the ranking of the topics, the speakers slots are arranged. The most famous talks won’t be held in parallel.
  • One talk lasts 45 minutes.
  • The coffee and lunch breaks are perfect for an intense knowledge exchange and discussions beside the slots.
  • If there is a deeper interest in one topic, it can be put on the proposal list for the next day / unconference.
  • A short summary of each talk / topic is presented in the closing session and published to the wiki.

The different roles

The role of the attendees is to propose topics and to choose between them.

The role of the organisation team is to create a suitable setting with an open space, coffee, food and WiFi connection.

The role of the moderation team is to collect the proposed topics, to organise the voting and the arrangement of the speakers slots.


An unconference is based on the Open Space Technology, which allows the moderations of events with a huge number of members.

February 02, 2014
Lightning talks at JS Unconf

JS Unconf wouldn’t be JS Unconf without you! We asked on Twitter if we should introduce lightning talks and people were quite interested! The goal is to showcase projects and topics which do not fit in 45 minutes. Speakers get exactly 2*π minutes (6.17min) to present their project or topic, without slides.

All lightning talks are scheduled in the last session on Sunday. We will have a whiteboard for proposals. Just write your name & topic on it during the Saturday or Sunday. The Slots are limited: First come, first serve!

January 22, 2014
Conference Outline and basics

The JS Unconf will start on Saturday, the 26th of April at 9AM in the Geomatikum, Hamburg which is a three minute walk from the bus and subway station “Schlump”.

We will have four parallel tracks and each slot has 45 minutes.

If your talk gets voted, you can organize it as you wish, between presentation, demo, disussion, Q&A, etc.

Between each slot there is a 15min break and we will have one big lunch break each day.

There are still some tickets left on https://tito.io/jsunconf/jsunconf2014 and we are quite excited to see you all in April!

December 10, 2013
Early Bird Tickets sold out – Regular on sale

Wow, the Early Bird Tickets are all gone now!

But don’t worry, you can still get a ticket! The Regular Tickets are available now at a still very attractive price of 55€ (including VAT + Fee).

Grab yours now!

Please note that the tickets are non-returnable.

December 01, 2013
Early Bird Tickets on sale now

The early bird sale is now on. Save some money and be part of the first JavaScript Unconference ever. Tickets are priced at 42€ (34.02€ + VAT + Fee).

Grab yours now!

Please note that the tickets are non-returnable and that there is a limit of one ticket per order.

November 22, 2013
Early Bird Ticket Sale

The first batch of Tickets (Early Bird) will go on sale on Sunday, December 1st at 18.00 CET

Ticket sales will be done through Tito. You will need a PayPal account.

Please note that the tickets are non-returnable.

Early Bird Tickets will be 42€ (34.02€ + VAT + Fee)

There is a limit of one ticket per order.

November 19, 2013
Contribs and Interests

Your contributions, talks and discussions are the lifeblood of an Unconference. We created a platform where you can collect your interests and proposals: Contribs & Interests

Please check out http://contribs.jsunconf.eu/ and submit your interests.

If there are interests from other people and you want to give a talk about that topic, please submit your contribution.

Everyone is invited to give a talk at JS Unconf: in the mornings of both days every attendee will vote on the final amount of submitted talks - the talks with the most votes will be put on the schedule then.

We are looking forward to many awesome sessions at the Unconference!

November 04, 2013
Location ahead!

The JS Unconf 2014 will take place at the Geomatikum Hamburg:

Universität Hamburg
Bundesstraße 55
20146 Hamburg

October 14, 2013
Save the date – April 26/27th 2014

Open your calendar and block the 26th and 27th of April 2014 – the JavaScript Unconference will take place in Hamburg! Make sure to not miss that.

The last weekend of April in 2014 will be a whole weekend full of talks about JavaScript. As this is an unconference, the audience proposes talks and also votes for the proposed talks. The talks with the most upvotes will be picked.

We see you in April!